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We consider ourselves privileged to have so many loyal fans and to be able to share their experiences with other members of our extended Loake ‘family’. When longstanding Loake wearer Adam Ficek contacted us about repairing his beloved Chester brogues, we asked if we could tell his Loake ‘story’. Happily, he agreed.
Once best known as the drummer in notorious British Rock act Babyshambles, Adam is now an established artist in his own right. Roses Kings Castles was the early moniker he used as a solo artist, initially ‘as an outlet when Babyshambles were on holiday’ and then when he left the band and was writing and recording his own unique catalogue of acoustic pop songs.
“I continually write, whether it’s big band arrangements, electro riffs or folk-pop songs. I just needed an avenue to walk down,” he told us. Since Roses Kings Castles, Adam has been ‘busy recording and writing for other acts, DJ-ing internationally and playing a continuous stream of small intimate acoustic gigs’. He is currently finalising the release schedule for his first solo EP Adam Ficek EP 1, set for release in February 2017.
Adam’s relationship with Loake began over ten years ago. “Loake were always one of the brands I aspired to, but being a jobless musician meant I couldn’t afford them,” he explains. “Then when I joined Babyshambles, I was finally able to buy my first pair of Loake tassel loafers. I was one of the first on the indie music scene to adopt such classic footwear, and I used to get slightly odd looks. But I have always been drawn to things that are traditionally made and have a sense of sincerity about them.”
Adam’s love for our Brighton loafer has not changed, but he has also developed a taste for our Chester brogue, which he can be seen wearing in the pictures he has shared with us here. When he called saying his brogues were on their last legs, we put them in for repair.

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